Remembering The Time Bill Burr Made Conan Laugh The Hardest By Defending Lance Armstrong

Conan O’Brien, much like the rest of us, LOVES the great Bill Burr. The fantastic comedian is a regular on Conan and has had some hilarious appearances throughout the years where he has divulged his own unique take on everything from Star Wars mania to celebrities moving to Canada to rooting for Justin Bieber to Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump being the President of the United States to Caitlin Jenner to people being trampled on Black Friday. Reddit was feeling nostalgic today and dug up Burr’s tremendous appearance on Conan from 2013 where he defended Lance Armstrong for using steroids.

Burr justified Lance Armstrong for using performance-enhancing drugs while condemning Oprah Winfrey’s “holier-than-thou” behavior during the interview from 2013.

“I didn’t think Lance owed anybody — he didn’t do anything to me,” Burr said. “You know what he did for me? He raised did the $500 million for cancer research.”

“And I hated out Oprah was interviewing him and acting like she was dumbfounded this guy would do this,” Burr told Conan.

“She’s been in show business 35 years and she can’t wrap her head around some guy doing whatever it takes to get to the next level,” Burr remarked. “Didn’t she for the first five years have like midgets who wanted to bang the mailman’s boyfriend and she didn’t want to do it!”

“Look, the guy was a sociopath on a bicycle, all right?” Burr said.

“As far as I’m concerned, we got off easy…If that guy was working for a corporation, he would have been pouring stuff from the water supply doing God know what’s. Just keep him on the bike. Go up and down the hill. He’s not hurting anybody.”

Ole Billy Fuckface knocks it out of the park yet again.

Here is a part of the Armstrong interview with Oprah.

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