Clippers 7’3” Center Boban Marjanovic Will Play An Assassin In ‘John Wick: Chapter 3’

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Brando. De Niro. Denzel. Boban–the Mount Rushmore of acting legends.

A couple months back I wrote an article titled, 10 Photos That Prove Boban Marjanovic Is The Coolest Dude In The NBA. Back then I believed the 7’3” Serbian demigod was the hippest m-fer to walk the earth, and Hollywood is starting to catch on to that idea.

According to Collider, the Clippers center has joined the star-studded cast of John Wick: Chapter 3, testing his acting chops with Keanu Reeves and Oscar winner Halle Berry. Boban, who has little to no acting experience, is said to be playing an assassin pursuing Keanu Reeves’ character.

John Wick 3 Title First Photos


Chad Stahelski will be back to direct the third installment of the sequel, with the plot unraveling as follows:

Derek Kolstad came back to write the script, which finds John Wick on the run after killing someone in the “safe space” of the Continental Hotel. Now there’s a $14 million dollar open contract on his head, and with his membership revoked, and he has no place to hide in New York City. [via]

Lionsgate will release John Wick: Chapter 3 on May 17, 2019, smack dab in the middle of the NBA playoffs. At least one Clippers player will be performing past April.

I’m fully expecting the millennial Gheorghe Mureșan to take home an Oscar for this performance. Right now, he and Keanu are tied for Oscar wins.

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[h/t Collider]

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