Boxer Billy Joe Saunders’ Instructional Video On How To Fight Women Didn’t Go Great (He Lost His License)

Yiiiiiiikes. I read the headline about the video before I watched it, so I figured it would go one of two ways: either Billy Joe would be offering advice on how to pacify combative, violent women without committing domestic violence. OR he was going to try to be funny. Then I watched the video, and I’m still not really sure what he was going for. I think he’s trying to be funny? Hard to tell.

One of the big problems here is that he’s too instructional. His advice is real boxing advice. It would be one thing if he said, “then you sweep the leg, sit on her face, and fart!” We’d all know he was joking, and some people would still get pissed but at least you’d know he wasn’t genuinely trying to teach men how to render their partners unconscious. Instead, his advice is too legitimate. I’m now equipped with the knowledge on how to beat up a woman simply because I watched this video. I didn’t want that knowledge. This is an expert boxer teaching his craft. Tough to get laughs that way.

I’ve long wondered if there is a way to teach a self-defense lesson for men against women. Hear me out—obviously, you’d have to target men under 5’7”. And you’d have to preface it by saying that their female assailant is a Ronda Rousey protegé or maybe a Crossfit instructor. Hell, some of these Peloton instructors could easily take me given a few key bumps of No Xplode. Could that pass? Are enough angry women maiming their littler plant-based boyfriends?

Billy, as someone who has missed the mark trying to be funny a thousand times, I can tell you bud—much easier to come back from if you avoid domestic violence, race, religion, physical and mental handicaps, and gender-based stereotypes. Stay away from those topics and the worst they can say is that you’re not funny. No big deal.