Mom Gives Ridiculous Reason For Wearing Boxing Glove To Beat Up Middle School Student

Boxer woman during boxing exercise making direct hit in black


Before we begin, yes, this happened in Florida.

A Jacksonville mom showed up at her daughter’s middle school and allegedly attacked a student while wearing one boxing glove.

KVUE news reported that Edith Riddle, 34, was arrested on child abuse charges after the alleged beatdown on school grounds.

Police said that a Dupont Middle School safety officer responded to a “frantic announcement” over the school’s PA system regarding a fight outside the cafeteria.

When the safety officer arrived, he found Riddle beating on the student while wearing a boxing glove.

So why was the mom on campus in the first place? To meet with the vice principal about her daughter.

Riddle had just exited the school with her own daughter after a meeting with the vice principal on campus, according to the report.

Rather than exiting the campus directly, the daughter walked out of her way through the cafeteria to engage the victim in a fight, the report says.

Riddle’s daughter pushed the victim to the ground and threw some punches before the suspect also joined in punching the victim, who was lying on the ground, according to witnesses.

Riddle showed up to school already wearing the glove, and when questioned about it, she told school officials “it was Super Glued to her wrist and she couldn’t remove it.”

According to the police report, the victim suffered abrasions to her knees and forearms and her parent pressed charges against Riddle when she arrived at the school to check on her daughter.

[via KVUE]