We Finally Have Some Solid Details About The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie And Jesse Is Going To Get The Treatment He Deserves

breaking bad movie details


If everyone watched the shows everyone else says you “have” to watch there’s a pretty good chance humanity would come to resemble the people who fled Earth in WALL-E sooner rather than later.

I’m still trying to catch up on some of the classics that I missed when they originally aired. but I’ve had my quest repeatedly sidelined after being drawn back in by shows that I’ve already made my way through. However, I don’t know if there’s a worse offender than Breaking Bad. 

I hopped aboard the Breaking Bad hype train shortly before it arrived at the station but made my way through the series quicker than any other one I’ve ever watched and have gone back a couple of times since then to get my fix.

Thankfully, fans got a nice surprise a few months ago when it was revealed a movie based on the series is in the works, and while not much detail was provided at the time, Bryan Cranston hinted it would revolve around Walter White’s trusty sidekick Jesse.

This would make sense if you know what happened to the series’ antihero in the finale, and while there are rumors Cranston will reprise his role, we now have some more information that will have you questioning exactly how that might happen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the untitled project will be a sequel documenting the life of Jesse Pinkman after he sped off into the distance and into a Need For Speed movie everyone forgot about (the upcoming film will supposedly “follow the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom,” which seems to be a pretty apt plot summary).

If you’re a production rights nerd, here’s how things are going to be handled on the backend:

Sources also confirm that Netflix will have first-run rights to the top-secret project, which will then air on AMC. (Representatives for AMC, Netflix and producers Sony Pictures TV all declined to comment.)

There’s currently no timeline concerning the movie’s release but that day can’t come soon enough.