Florida Man Goes Viral After Climbing A Raised Drawbridge And Hanging On For Dear Life

Brickell Bridge in Miami

iStockphoto / GordonBellPhotography

A Florida man has gone viral after climbing the Brickell Bridge in Miami, a drawbridge, and hanging on for dear life as the bridge was raised and lowered.

The Brickell Bridge climber was spotted by people in nearby condos, by boaters passing underneath the bridge, and by people waiting to cross the bridge.

Footage of the Brickell Bridge climber has gone viral on social media. It was also quickly picked up by the Miami news.

At one point, it appears the Brickell Bridge climber is even fist-pumping in celebration while a boat passes underneath. Here is the local news report:

Additional clips of the Florida Man went viral on TikTok. They include some very colorful language so be warned and do not click ‘play’ on these videos if that will bother you.

This video already has nearly 8 million views on TikTok:

The top comment is “I want to know what he’s holding onto.” The answer, I believe, is metal slits in the bridge. That’s typically how Florida drawbridges are built, with tiny metal slits in the middle so they can fit into each other.

This one shows an alternate angle:

According to the local news report video above, the man was not arrested. By the time police arrived he’d already fled the scene.

At this time, nobody knows what led the Brickell Bridge Climber to scale the bridge or if it was on purpose or an accident that he’d gotten stuck up there.

Based on social media comments, people seem split on the circumstances. Many believe he intentionally climbed the bridge while others assume it was an accident that he got stuck up there.

It should go without saying, but, I’ll say it anyway: do NOT attempt this at home.

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