Bride Gets Called Out By Sister Over Demands Involving ‘Battling’ And Paying To Be In Wedding Party

Brides Demands Battling Paying Wedding Party


Remember that bride and groom that sent out a list of insane wedding “rules” to their guests we told you about in September? Or that bride who called off her wedding and ripped her guests after they refused to give her tousands of dollars to help pay for it? Yeah, well, they aren’t the only horrible people to become wildly unreasonable when planning a wedding lately.

For you see, there is yet another mind-blowing story making the rounds about someone on Reddit’s sister and the outlandish list of demands for her wedding.

So here’s the deal. Rather than do what any normal person would do and just choose who will be in her wedding party, this 38-year-old woman decided she would instead have seven people “battle” for one of the four remaining spots. Seriously.

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Oh, but wait, there’s more.

In order to make into the “final four,” it will also cost these people somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000 (their wedding gift is REQUIRED to be at least $500 in cash or via check).

Crazy, right? We’re not done yet!

These seven people also have to sign a contract holding them “legally responsible for meeting all of our requirements and says that if you don’t you will be legally held to reimbursing us for the time we wasted and the stress of causing problems.”

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I like how she uses the pronouns “we” and “us.” This husband is going to lose ALL of his friends.

Needless to say, reactions on Reddit were very appropriate.

“What the actual f**k? This is crazy. Lol. Don’t reply and be happy you don’t have to deal with the stress.” [penguincatcher8575]

“I would just reply, “Thanks for this wonderful offer and I’m honoured to be in short list. But you can f**k off! But I’m going to spend my money on my family or on myself. And you can f**k off!” [ilikesaucy]

“Let’s see… $500 cash/check x 8 = $4,000. $100 “day of” x 8 = $800. $50 party gift x 11 (8 events + bridal shower + bachelor party + bachelorette party) x 8 = $4,400. For a total of $9200 or $1150/each. And that’s not including venue costs, food/drinks, wedding outfits/accessories, activities for the bachelor/bachelorette party, hair/makeup.

OP’s sister is a whack job. I wouldn’t spend that much on someone else’s wedding, especially if they were demanding it.” [MadMechromancer]

So why is this woman sharing this and how did her bride-to-be sister get to the point she thinks these demands are reasonable?

“We don’t share the same mother and our father is a narcissist who has only encouraged the behavior. She’s the way she is in part because of our family,” she wrote.

She added, “They’re planning to use the Bridal Party money to help fund their honeymoon. From what I was told it’s around $10K.”

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“Really? Someone honestly wrote that down and announced this publicly without their eyes falling out of their head from utter shame? Did anyone shut her down?” someone asked.

“If they did, it wasn’t through the group text,” the OP wrote.

“Her friend group has been the same handful of girls from high school (she didn’t go to college and doesn’t work), all of whom are “ladies that lunch”, and either are super successful professionals or stay at home wives/moms. From what little I know of them, they are just like her.

“Her best friend of 25+ years threw my sister’s 35th birthday party and she sent a request list with the invites. It was nearly as bad imo. Primarily she was demanding pricey gifts and said the guests who couldn’t afford to get things outright needed to pool their money to buy what was on the list.

“I wasn’t going to book a flight for a birthday party, so I sent a card.”

A Dollar Tree card, she then added. Well played.

You seriously owe it to yourself to head over to Reddit to read the entire thread. It’s pure gold.