The Art Of The Courtesy Offer, Something We Offer To Do But Have No Intention Of Actually Doing

brilliantly dumb show episode 80


The Brilliantly Dumb Show just released episode No. 80 where we took on the discussion of “The Courtesy Offer” and beyond. Everyone knows that “I can drive you to the airport” offer that we make even though we hope to god that individual declines. There are certain offers we make in life with no intention what so ever of delivering on. Maybe it is just me but it is something that definitely needed to be discussed.

We then took on one of the more challenging things in life, beating Vegas. I reacted to my thoughts on Vegas sportsbooks putting a -1.5 Super Bowl wins line on Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs to win by the time the QB’s new 10-year contract is over. Is it crazy to bet against Mahomes who has quickly become the NFL’s face of the league and most promising player?


That was perfectly transitioned to the “Ask Bob” segment in which I was asked the top 5 NFL coaches I would like to party with. It was an extremely competitive Top 5 but in the end Chiefs head coach and electric factory Andy Reid took home the title.

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