Burger King Is Trolling McDonald’s With Clowns And You Can Get Free Food Because Of It

Clowns are so hot right now. Thanks to the overwhelming success of the movie It and the rash of people dressing like clowns to scare entire towns over the past few years. Despite their mascot being a king, Burger King has jumped on the clown phenomenon, but their new clown-based marketing manages to take a shot at their direct competition. Burger King trolled rival McDonald’s with a pretty unusual marketing campaign that also gives you free food.

Burger King is offering free Whoppers to anyone who wears a clown costume to their fast food locations this Halloween. There is a 90-second commercial for the promotion and the marketing slogan is “Come as a clown, eat like a king.” “We don’t usually talk about clowns,” said Alex Macedo, President of Burger King’s North American operations. “But for this Halloween, come dressed as a clown to eat like a king.”

The promotion is called “Scary Clown Night” and will only be available from 7 pm until they close on Halloween, Oct. 31. However, the offer is only valid for the first 500 clowns that waddle up to select Burger King restaurants in Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, and Salt Lake City.

However, as clever as this campaign is, it also has the chance to blow up in Burger King’s face. The outbreak of creepy clowns has been so overwhelming in some places that entire towns have outlawed people from wearing clown costumes. Earlier this year, a man was arrested for dressing up like the Joker and brandishing a sword. Not to mention that there is a healthy amount of the U.S. population that is absolutely petrified of clowns. Even professional clowns are upset over the movie It because they are seen as creepy, which they probably are. So that means that there will be hordes of evil-looking clowns swarming to Burger Kings across this great country, but they are only there to get free food. Meanwhile, everyone who is terrified by clowns and wants to pay for their food will be avoiding Burger King like the plague on Halloween. Congratulations Burger King, you just played yourself.