Busch Light Is Making Snow Days More Bearable By Knocking $1 Off The Price Of Its Beer For Every Inch That Falls This Winter

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I haven’t experienced many moments in life that have provided me with the rush that came with spending hours glued to the local news when there was snow in the forecast before seeing the name of your school pop up at the bottom of the screen accompanied by the word “CANCELLED.”

While some administrators have done the right thing by refusing to let the pandemic strip students of snow days, far too many have used virtual learning as an excuse to suspend these sacred traditions, and I can’t express how much sympathy I feel for the students who’ve been deprived of the chance to spend their morning sledding before retiring indoors to catch an episode of Maury. 

Sadly, it’s hard to get as excited for a sizeable downfall when you’re a Real Adult, as it usually means you’re going to have to devote far too long to shoveling before spending even longer dealing with the lingering back pain that you’re treated to in its wake. With that said, you do have the luxury of warming up with a cup full of booze as opposed to the mug of hot chocolate you probably relied on back in the day.

I’m personally partial to the “Repeatedly topping off a glass of whiskey until it does the trick” method of coping, but with that said, I occasionally find myself resorting to the snow day strategy I harnessed in college that involved picking up a case of beer to keep by my side me while riding things out.

If you’re a fan of that approach, Busch Light is here to ease the financial burden that comes with going down that route this winter, as the brand will be deducting $1 from the price of its beer for every inch of snow that falls in the 32 states across America (plus Washington, D.C.) where residents are eligible for the discount.

There is a slight catch, as you’ll have to pay full price upfront before applying for a rebate that will be capped when the cities picked to represent each state hit the 15-inch mark (you can visit this website to register as well as track the accumulation in your locale, which will be monitored until the promotion ends on March 28th).

Props to the kind people at Busch Light for doing what they can to help us weather these literal storms.

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