Most Stereotypical Canadian Flamingo Of All-Time Escapes Quebec Zoo, Visits Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Flamingo Granby Quebec Canada Zoo

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  • Canadiens love Tim Horton’s.
  • A flamingo recently escaped from a zoo in Quebec and hilariously went straight to the nearby shop.
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Even the flamingos in Canada are perfect stereotypes. The Granby Zoo in Quebec said that a pink flamingo escaped from its stall early on Wednesday morning.

Fortunately, the flamingo was found a short time later in a nearby parking lot. The parking lot, in fact, was for a Tim Horton’s.

If you are not familiar with Tim Horton’s, it is coffee, donut and breakfast chain restaurant similar to a Dunkin’ Donuts. Except it is way better and way more Canadian.

Apparently, the flamingo wanted a cup of joe, a Boston Cream donut and a Canadian bacon, egg and cheese— Eh.

The zoo, located in the heart of Granby, is a four-minute walk to the nearest Tim Horton’s. There are four locations in Granby, but surely the flamingo swung by the nearest location.

Tim Hortons Flamingo Granby Quebec Canada Zoo

The standard flamingo can flies at an average of about 35 miles per hour, so it probably took the escaped bird about half of the time to get over to the parking lot.

“To reassure everyone, there wasn’t a sale on shrimp at the IGA or a special on coffee at Tim Hortons,” explained Karl Fournier, director of animal care at the Granby Zoo in a TikTok video. “For reasons unknown, the flamingo escaped and flew away from its group. Our team quickly mobilized and it was captured in a calm manner.”

Fortunately, the flamingo allowed zookeepers to approach in the parking lot and they were able to return it safely to its enclosure.

“Our flamingo is doing well,” Fournier said.

Thank goodness. Our international nightmare is over!