This Helpful Car Hacks Video On TikTok Is Blowing Millions Of People’s Minds

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A car expert on TikTok is blowing millions of people’s minds with his amazing car hacks including how to properly use your air conditioning buttons.

The car aficionado who goes by @chegeceping on TikTok recently shared a tutorial video with his 1.3 million followers this week that has gone viral.

The video first asks in the description, “Are you using these air-conditioning buttons on the car correctly?”

The answer, based on the over 2.8 million views and over 700 comments, is mostly “no.”

It begins by notifying viewers to “not press this button on the car indiscriminately, it is very dangerous.”

What button?

“Many people have driven a car for more than ten years, but they don’t even know how to use the internal and external circulation on the car,” he explains.

His first tip is for after your car is sitting exposed to the sun.

“A large amount of formaldehyde and other harmful gases will be emitted inside the car,” he claims (not sure about the formaldehyde part, but let’s go with it). [Edit: apparently it’s true?]

“When we turn on the air conditioner in the car we must first turn on the outer circulation for 10 minutes to dissipate the harmful gas and then turn on the inner circulation.

His second tip has to do with when you are stuck in traffic.

“When there is a traffic jam,” he explains, “we must turn on the inner circulation so that the exhaust outside the car cannot enter the car.”

The third tip is for when it is raining.

“We must turn on the outer circulation and then adjust the blowing mode to glass blowing [defrost]. This way the glass will never fog up again.”

His fourth and final tip in the video is for parking your car when it’s very cold outside.

“We must turn on the outer circulation before parking in winter so that the glass is not easy to frost the next morning.”

@chegeceping Are you using these air-conditioning buttons on the car correctly?#howto #cartok #car #automotive #driving #drivingskills #drivingtips #drivingschool #foryou ♬ 原聲 – 车哥测评

“I just start pushing and turning buttons and wait for the results I want,” someone else wrote, echoing the thoughts of many.

“I normally just press all the buttons and twist all the knobs then let Jesus take the wheel,” another viewer commented.

His entire account is filled with useful car tips and tricks, including his latest car hacks TikTok video in which he shares the “many hidden functions on a car.”

@chegeceping 90% of people don't know these hidden functions on the car!#howto #cartok #car #automotive #driving #drivingskills #drivingtips #drivingschool #foryou ♬ 原聲 – 车哥测评

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