The New Qatar Airways A350 Business Class Is Nicer Than My Tiny NYC Apartment

I’ve never been fortunate enough to fly Business Class on a luxury international flight. I was lucky once and got bumped up to First Class while flying to Mexico, but this was like 10+ years ago and the airplane itself really wasn’t particularly luxurious.

Casey Neistat is a YouTube vlogger with nearly 8 million subscribers. I’m not sure what his day-to-day videos look like because the only other video of his that I’ve watched was when he got upgraded to a $21,000 First Class seat on Emirates. I’m fairly certain that Casey does more in life than just get bumped up to luxury seats on international flights, but if that’s really all he’s doing to amass millions of followers on YouTube then color me impressed.

In this clip, Casey Neistat is reviewing the new Business Class on a Qatar Airways A350 flight. His travel accommodations are nicer than the apartments I was living in up in NYC for most of the past decade. Am I jealous? You’re damn right I am. Casey Neistat’s living the dream. Getting bumped up to the nicest seats on international flights isn’t exactly a luxury that has always been available to vloggers/bloggers/social media stars, it’s typically reserved for CEO’s and other wealthy individuals who fly regularly.