Utah Man Goes Viral For His Terrifying Six-Minute-Long Showdown With A Cougar While On A Hike

Cougar Mountain Lion

pixabay / skeeze

In case anybody needs an excuse to back out of a hike you may have upcoming with your friends, you came to the right place. “Oh F-K!” are the only words Kyle Burgess needed to say to sum up his terrifying interaction with a mother cat who was clearly not happy with him approaching her baby. Burgess caught the entire encounter on film while hiking down a back trail in Slay Canyon. The mother cat can be seen slowly walking towards the Utah man as he tries every trick in the book to get her to scurry away. After a 6 minute standoff, the mother cat finally scurries away back down the trail.

I never have been much of a hiker and after this video have no intention of becoming one anytime soon. I can’t help but be fascinated at this guy’s tactic of trying to get that cat to run away from him. From “you’re a good little kitty,” all the way to “I’m big and scary,” this young man literally used every trick in the book. Even the good old fashioned “Kill em with kindness” tactic. This guy threw everything he had in his playbook at this cat and nothing seemed to be working. But hey, I can’t imagine the ridiculous shit I would be doing if this were me in this situation. I know for damn sure it probably would not of been socially acceptable for someone to blog about it if it were me because I would most likely be dead. So, tip of the cap to you Kyle Burgess for not only escaping tragedy but also having the balls to film it all for our entertainment. Let this be a constant reminder to always keep your head on a swivel, even when in Utah.

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