CDC Publishes Disturbing Survey Showing The Dumb Things Americans Are Doing Dumb With Bleach To Prevent Coronavirus

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At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, people weren’t quite certain on the most effective ways to avoid catching the deadly virus.

Panic set in after several states saw a massive spike in the virus.

But then the CDC released the symptoms of COVID-19, recommended people stay the hell away from one another, and the world shut down to avoid spreading the virus.

And let’s not even think about the cannibal rat problem the CDC dropped on our laps.

It’s now June, restrictions have eased up in most states, and cities and towns are in different phases of reopening, but that doesn’t mean some people aren’t still taking precautions in an effort to state healthy.

Some of those precautions are downright deadly.

Last week, the CDC published a survey of 502 American adults concluding that many adults “showed knowledge gaps” on how to safely use cleaning products like disinfectants and bleach.

“Knowledge gaps” is a nice way of saying “people are being morons.”

The survey found that 39% of the people surveyed had “engaged in non-recommended high-risk practices with the intent of preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission, such as washing food products with bleach, applying household cleaning or disinfectant products to bare skin, and intentionally inhaling or ingesting these products.”

The most alarming finding from the survey is that people were misusing bleach AS EARLY AS MAY. This spike occurred right after a specific position in high power “sarcastically” mentioned trying to inject disinfectants because “what have you got to lose?”

From the CDC study:

Respondents reported engaging in a range of practices during the previous month with the intent of preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission (Figure 2). Sixty percent of respondents reported more frequent home cleaning or disinfection compared with that in the preceding months.

Thirty-nine percent reported intentionally engaging in at least one high-risk practice not recommended by CDC for prevention of SARS-CoV-2 transmission (2), including application of bleach to food items (e.g., fruits and vegetables) (19%); use of household cleaning and disinfectant products on hands or skin (18%); misting the body with a cleaning or disinfectant spray (10%); inhalation of vapors from household cleaners or disinfectants (6%); and drinking or gargling diluted bleach solutions, soapy water, and other cleaning and disinfectant solutions (4% each).

Please don’t drink bleach, people. I don’t care how diluted the concoction. And don’t sniff it on purpose.

Just wear masks in public, wash your hands regularly, wash produce with cold water, and wipe down boxes and cans from groceries if it makes you feel better.

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