We’ve All Been Closing Our Cereal Boxes Wrong As Woman’s Hack Leaves Hundreds Of Thousands Gobsmacked

Womans Cereal Box Closing Hack Leaves Hundreds Of Thousands Amazed

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  • You’ve probably been closing boxes of cereal the wrong way your entire life
  • Thankfully, there’s a simple life hack that you can employ
  • A TikToker user blew plenty of minds while show the proper way to seal it up

When you get done pouring yourself a bowl of cereal, what do you do to make sure that the literally un-resealable contents of your cereal box are properly closed?

If you are like me you try to semi-roll up the plastic inner liner that holds the cereal and failing that you just kind of jam it all back in therein a wad, hoping that will be good enough to keep your cereal from going stale or being a new hideout for any minuscule insect creatures that may be creeping around your house unbeknownst to you. Hey, it happens.

Regardless of how you close your cereal box in an effort to try to maintain its freshness, get ready to have your mind blown to smithereens because I can say with 99.9 percent certainty that you aren’t doing it as well as this woman who goes by the handle @katybee2020 on TikTok.

Now, I have seen a lot of “You’ve been doing it wrong…” stories over my many years on the internet – some more useful than others – but this one definitely lives up to the hype. Much like Jason Segel’s character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you can now ensure you have the freshest cereal without having to worry about pouring it into another container.

I know, right?

Considering that almost all of the rest of her videos have under 1,000 views and this one currently sites at 934,600, I’d say we’re not alone in our amazement.

“TikTok is like free college,” commented user @msstephdanielle.

Apparently, it is.