Chad Johnson Pays Stranger $1K To Drive Him For A Late Night McDonald’s Run

Chad Johnson McDonalds Run

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During his time in the NFL, Chad Johnson was known for being one of the most explosive players on the field. In retirement, Johnson might be better known for being generous with his money and really addicted to McDonald’s.

Johnson’s good deeds include paying rent for strangers, leaving massive tips, giving out his own personal stimulus checks, and sending Venmo to a stranger on Twitter after hearing about his “unacceptable” bank account balance.

Last night, Johnson once again changed the life of a random stranger, thanks to a late-night craving for the Golden Arches.

Johnson tweeted: “There’s a McDonald’s on Colorado Blvd that’s open 24/7, anybody in Denver want to make a quick 1k to pick me up downtown & take me to this McDonald’s, I’m really fucking hungry.”

It didn’t take long to find a pilot at 4:24am to take Johnson down to Mickey D’s.

The driver, Diego Sanchez Forehead (I’m assuming just a Twitter name), verified that Johnson did in fact live up to his word.

Johnson later tweeted it was “the most expensive McDonald’s trip” ever for him.

McDonald’s should dump Travis Scott as a spokesperson and hire Chad Johnson.

[via Total Pro Sports]