‘John Wick’ Director Addresses Franchise’s Future Following Shock Ending Of ‘Chapter 4’

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WARNING: This article will contain spoilers for the latest John Wick film, John Wick: Chapter 4

When John Wick: Chapter 4 was first announced following the then-franchise-high box office returns, reports indicated that the studio was planning to film it back-t0-back with John Wick 5. That was, of course, back in 2019, meaning a lot changed along the way.

Due to the events of 2020, the John Wick franchise was forced to alter its trajectory, which ultimately resulted in Chapter 4 having more of a feeling of finality than it was originally supposed to, i.e., John Wick apparently perishing at the end of the film.

Still, not only is this the movie business we’re talking about, but it’s John Wick, too, one of the most indestructible characters in recent film history, meaning that if the powers that be want a Chapter 5 to happen, it will.

During a recent interview, franchise director Chad Stahelski — who also sat down for a lengthy chat with BroBible’s Post-Credit Podcast — addressed the possibility of making another John Wick film.

“It’s very flattering for them to come back and, you know, say ‘We want more’ and it’s not just a cash grab. It’s legitimately the audience wants more,” Stahelski said to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think we all need that little bit of time to go, ‘Whew. Let’s see what’s next.’ … If Keanu and I, a few months from now sit down at a whiskey bar in Japan again and go, ‘Yep, we’ll never do another one of those,’ and then all of a sudden go, ‘Yeah, but I got an idea,’ we’re open to it.”

Now, just because the future of the main John Wick series of films may be in doubt does not mean that the franchise is going away anytime soon. Ana de Armas will be starring in the 2024 spinoff Ballerina (which Keanu Reeves will appear in) and recent reports have indicated another spinoff film will be announced this month.

There’s also the upcoming three-episode prequel miniseries The Continental, which will hit Peacock later this year, and a post-credit scene in John Wick: Chapter 4 that teases future action in the beloved franchise.

In addition to the above interview, you can also check out Stahelski chatting about the ending of John Wick: Chapter 4 below:

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