This Taco Bell Crunchwrap Made From Chick-Fil-A Ingredients Has Commenters Fired TF Up

Taco Bell

iStockphoto / lawcain

I’ve been pretty anti-Taco Bell ever since they took the Doubledecker Taco off the menu forever. And then I recently saw Adam Richman (from Man vs. Food) share a video on Twitter where he made Doubledecker Tacos at home and I suddenly realized that it’s been me all along who has been holding myself back from reaching Taco Nirvana, not Taco Bell.

The top comment on Instagram reads ‘Soooo you want us to go out and buy cooked food to come home and Cook it again’ and one of the top comments on TikTok reds “Who else was drooling during this.” That kind of tells us everything we need to know about how divided the Internet is on this.

Someone ordered a meal from Chick-fil-a and went home to repurpose those ingredients into a Taco Bell Crunchwrap, one of the most popular items on the menu at Taco Bell. The commenters on Instagram and TikTok are losing their damn minds over this.

Check out the video for yourself before you make up your mind on how to feel. Personally, I think this looks fantastic and I see absolutely nothing wrong with doing this at home. I’ve included the video from TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube in hopes that one of these will be your preferred medium of watching videos



Additional comments on Instagram include ‘You been going crazy at the house’ and ‘no way this is real’. Some chimed in with ‘will be making’ and ‘That looks good asf’. We really see a complete range of people who are either immediately in love with this dish or repulsed by it and I’m pretty taken aback by how immediate of a reaction this dish is having on everyone.

Chef Andrew Zimmern’s motto on Bizarre Foods is ‘if it looks good, eat it’ and I’ve thought about that countless times before biting into a strange dish. I’m talking about things like Rattlesnake Tacos at the Explorer’s Club in Manhattan or barnacles that look like dragon’s claws in Europe. Those dishes looked delicious, albeit strange, and they both turned out to be delightful. All I’m saying here is you should at least give this a try at home before bashing it.