Chipotle Is Looking To Bolster Its Image This Halloween By Offering Costumed Customers Great Deals

by 1 year ago


Chipotle has taken an absolute beating in 2017. The Mexican fast-casual food chain has seen its fair share of controversies this year, resulting in a stock plummet of more than 55 percent since 2015. Back in July, a Washington D.C. suburban Chipotle was forced to close its doors on Monday morning after  at least 13 people reported to the website ‘I Was Poisoned,’ hospitalizing two of them.

Chipotle tried bouncing back by following Qboda and introducing queso to its menu, which I’ve tried, and it is not great. Many others agree.

Despite the plethora of bad press in the past couple years, Chipotle has kept wiggling and finagling to change the minds of customers. They are now using Halloween to offer a solid deal to those who dress in costume.

On Halloween this year, from 3 pm to close, you can score a $3 burrito at any Chipotle location in the U.S., so long as you order in costume, Uproxx reports.

Chipotle is also offering a “Burritos for a Year Sweepstakes” on Halloween. By texting the word “BOORITO” or “SPOOKY” to the number 888222 on October 31, you enter the sweepstakes that could secure you 52 Chipotle gift cards worth $10, or, one burrito a week for a year.


So before you get blind drunk on Halloween, make sure you stop into a Chipotle for a $3 burrito to line your stomach. Pro Tip: wear a costume can be easily taken off so you have no problem taking a shit after.

[h/t Uproxx]