Chrissy Teigen Spent The Day Trading John Legend’s Underwear For Rotten Bananas…No, Seriously

john legend tried break up with chrissy teigen

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So, I’m sitting at dinner last night and someone asks me ‘were you following the crazy ass day Chrissy Teigen had on Twitter?’ I pop over to Twitter, and I’m legit shocked by the ridiculous day that I could see unfold in my feed.

Chrissy Teigen is working out the kinds on a new Banana Bread recipe for her second cookbook, and she needed 6 rotten/brown bananas to make that bread. Instead of waiting a few days with those bananas ripening in a brown paper bag like a normal human being Chrissy took to Twitter and offered to trade a signed copy of her cookbook and a pair of her husband’s used underwear to anyone that would hook her up with bananas. She then sent her mother out into the streets of L.A. to make the trade.

But it didn’t end there. She only got 5 rotten bananas on her first trade so she was forced to barter another pair of John Legend’s underwear for 2 more bananas. I can’t really explain it, but this is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen unfold on Twitter:

Fans started sending her bananas:

Her assistant, by the way, is her mom:

What the fuck is that dog wearing?!?

We’re not done here:

She’s right:

It was all worth it.

If this was anybody else, I’d say this was the most elaborate guerilla marketing campaign of 2017. But this is Chrissy Teigen, and she’s the type of person to send her mom out into the streets of L.A. to get some weird shit she found on Twitter, and she’s willing to trade her husband’s underwear for some bananas. That’s just how she rolls.