Coldplay Performs New Song ‘Houston #1’ To Honor Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a “Coldplay Guy,” but I’m a man who can recognize some good work. And Coldplay has been on a roll lately. At the beginning of the month, the band covered Linkin Park’s ‘Crawling’ during a sold out concert at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium and it legit sent chills up my spine.

As a result of the catastrophic hurricane that has ravaged the Houston-metro area, Coldplay had to postpone a show in Houston last Friday. Last night, they played a set at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium and lead signer Chris Martin took a break to express his sorrow for having to cancel the show, as its important to he and the band that honoring his fans for buying tickets to their shows is a major priority.

To make up for their absence, the band decided to write and perform a new song, which they called “Houston #1,” a song which Martin declared they would never play again. The lyrics to the beginning of the song are as follows:

“I’m dreamin’ of when I get back to Houston / I’m dreamin’ of that very special place / I’m dreamin’ of when Houston has no problems / In that city where they send you into space.” Then, the hook shares a message of encouragement: “I’m dreamin’ of when I get back to Texas / Corpus Christi, Harris County, Galveston / There’s a harmony that bonds down there in Houston / Oh Houston, you got to keep on keeping on.”

Love ’em or not, it’s tough to deny that there aren’t many bands on this planet who could write a song in a few days and perform it in front of thousands of people days later without any blunders. Coldplay’s stock is so hot right now.

[h/t Uproxx]

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