Parents Send College Daughter On All-You-Can-Drink Cruise Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic Because ‘Alcohol Would Ward Off Germs’

Parents send college daughter on all-you-can-drink Spring Break cruise amidst the coronavirus pandemic because the mother believes "alcohol will kill the germs."

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The coronavirus pandemic has infected nearly 170,000 people around the world, and the death toll is over 6,500. Despite the CDC and WHO issuing grave and alarming alerts about the potential loss of life if proper steps are not taken, there are some people who are not going to heed the harrowing warning signs. Such as the parents who are sending their kids on a Spring Break cruise amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

There are 123 countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19, but do you know what has the 18th-most cases? A cruise ship. That’s right, the Diamond Princess cruise ship that was eventually docked in Japan had 696 coronavirus cases as well as seven deaths from the infectious disease.

Then there was the Grand Princess cruise ship, which floated off the coast of San Francisco for two weeks because one person died of COVID-19 and two others were diagnosed with the killer disease on a previous sailing. Finally, the coronavirus Grand Princess was permitted to dock in Oakland, California, where the more than 2,500 passengers, 21 of which who tested positive for COVID-19, finally disembarked from the doomed cruise.

There are currently several cruise ships that are stranded at sea, some of which have COVID-19 infected passengers. Three cruise ships, the MS Braemar, Silver Shadow, and Silver Explorer, have confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to CNN.

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Despite the ominous warning signs, there are many travelers who are going to go on their cruises despite the obvious risks in plain sight. The Daily Beast reportedly talked to individuals who were still planning on going on their cruises despite the deadly coronavirus pandemic threatening the world.

James and Kim Simon said that they bought their college daughter a fun Spring Break trip with 12 of her friends. The daughter boarded a Royal Caribbean cruise last week, and the Simons didn’t even blink; that’s because the concerned parents took several precautions to make sure their daughter was safe and sound.

“When she booked the trip, when we planned it, this wasn’t a factor,” the mother of the year candidate said. “So I was with her last weekend as the statistics were getting a little bit higher. And I asked her if she was at all worried. She thought if she just kept enough alcohol in her system it would ward off any germs. So I got her some Lysol wipes and the all you can drink package.”

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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the 4% alcohol in a slippery monkey frozen drink from the lido deck bar is not going to do diddley-squat in stopping the coronavirus. In fact, drinking high-proof alcohol will not protect you from getting infected with COVID-19.

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Let’s hope the daughter survives her cruise from the coronavirus and alcohol poisoning. This is the latest in the long line of coronavirus misinformation where people believe they can prevent COVID-19 with cow urine and feces, copious amounts of alcohol, hot toddies, and cocaine.

Meanwhile, the entire cruise industry is shutting down. Cruise lines that they are voluntarily canceling voyages. Viking Cruises announced it is canceling all cruises through April 30 and Princess Cruises said that it is suspending its global operations for 60 days, canceling all cruises departing March 12 to May 10.

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a “No Sail Order for Cruise Ships,” asking the cruise industry to voluntarily suspend cruise ship travel for 30 days starting on March 13, 2020.

On March 13, President Donald Trump announced that several major cruise lines agreed to suspend cruises for 30 days.

“At my request, effective midnight tonight, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and MSC have all agreed to suspend outbound cruises for thirty days. It is a great and important industry – it will be kept that way!”

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