College Student Geniusly Circumvents Dorm’s Rules Against Pumpkins

Alex Schwarz is a college student who wants to obey the rules, no matter how absurd and silly they are. So when he learned that his dorm at the University of Akron banned pumpkins, he wasn’t going to allow anyone to sour on his happy Halloween spirit, but he also wanted to adhere to the rules. The 19-year-old college student flaunted his enthusiasm for Halloween by carving and displaying a pineapple that he carved.

GENIUS! Alex explained the dorm’s rules against Halloween pumpkins to BuzzFeed. “Some higher-ups sent an email to all the RAs in my dorm and the one next to ours saying no pumpkins because they rot and might attract bugs and rats,” Alex said. One RA told Alex that the pineapple decoration was cool, as long as he discarded it before it began to rot. However, another resident assistant was not down with the exotic display and banned it. Alex was not about to let his Halloween be ruined by an RA so he requested to see the exact ruling that outlawed pineapple displays. They couldn’t. And the spooky pineapple was allowed to stay!

Until a meddling RA threw away his beloved pineapple. But Alex returned with a hardcore plan for vengeance.

Alex’s courageous battle to have Halloween fruit in his dorm has been an inspiration to others.

Alex Schwarz, you’re a real man of genius.