Comcast Is Now Charging A $90 Internet Installation Fee Even If It Is Already Installed Because You Don’t Deserve To Be Happy

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Anyone who’s ever owned a television knows that when you make a deal with Comcast, you’re making a deal with the devil. They make a living off the misery of the masses, staffing their customer service team with the laziest kid from your high school who takes morbid pleasure in draining your retirement savings to activate the internet they fucked up installing in the first place.

Here at, we have somewhat of a vendetta against the company, if these headlines are any indication.

(Ok, I’m on Comcast’s side on the last one. The man of the house 110% ordered those pornos and when confronted by his wife, blamed it on Comcast. Because Comcast sucks.)

The latest example of Comcast biting the big one is another shameless tactic to squeeze unearned money out of its customers. According to a report from Ars Technica, Comcast is hitting cable and internet subscribers with an installation fee EVEN IF A HOME IS ALREADY WIRED WITH COMCAST AND THE CUSTOMER IS WILLING TO SET IT UP BY THEMSELVES. The fee will be $59.99 or $89.99 depending on where you live.

Only customers who have phone only services or who purchase bundles that include TV and internet service are exempt from the fee. Those who purchase the bundles individually will have to cough up the cash.

When will a politician have the balls to label Comcast as a hate group so we can dismantle this money-grubbing cult once and for all.

[h/t Gizmodo]

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