Comedian Who Looks Like Joel Osteen Imagines What Joel Osteen’s Day Off Is Like

Incredible comedic work here from Strider Wilson, one of the LA-based comedians in the Chad Goes Deep cinematic universe.

Strider is a dead ringer for Olsteen, famously infiltrating one of the televangelist’s events in 2019 and causing all sorts of chaos with Olsteen’s flock. In an era where most sketch comedy on the Internet is pretty meh, it’s an all-time great video.

With Olsteen back in the news for all the wrong reasons again, Strider released a video imagining what the mega church leader’s day off might look like.

He shoots hoops. He lounging in a Speedo. He screams on calls all day.

It’s perfect.

Go follow Strider on Instagram and TikTok. He’s a great dude and a brilliant creator – you won’t regret it.

Side note: I miss blogging about random funny things I find on the Internet. Should I get back to doing that? Would you guys dig that? Email me:

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