Continuity Errors & ‘Entourage’– OH YEAH, OH YEAH ft. Matt Keohan


This week on Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah: The Entourage Podcast I had BroBible writer Matt Keohan on to break down the forgettable Season 4 episode “Gary’s Desk” where the majority of the episode revolves around, yes, a desk.

Matt was a hilarious and insightful guest who brought a lot of energy to the table for such a dud of an episode. We got to talking about some of our favorite songs in ‘Entourage’ history (peep our Spotify playlist below) and he even drew attention to a continuity error that I hadn’t noticed before.

This got me thinking about all the continuity errors in Entourage’s history, something creator Doug Ellin has said on record he did on purpose. In his mind, if a plot point worked better done a certain way for a particular episode, he just changed it. Every week on the podcast we try to identify as many of these changes as we can. Here are a few we’ve picked up over time:

Vince and Drama’s family dynamic: During Drama’s calf fiasco, he says “You got your mom’s legs, I got Dad’s”, implying that they have the same father. But later when Rita comes to LA, he says “I am your first born you know!” implying that they share the same mother.

Ari’s children’s age: Ari shows Vince a video of his son in the first season and he’s maybe four, then we see Jonah again for the first time in Season 4 and he’s a pre-teen.

Dana Gordon’s marital status: When Ari goes to pick his daughter up from school with his wife he runs into Dana picking up her kid. He jokes about inviting her husband over for a slideshow in order to find out who’s directing Aquaman.

Drama’s age: I think this is hilarious to be honest. The film and TV credits he give put him anywhere between 30 and 55 years old.

What’d I miss?

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JR is a California based comedian and the host of the BroBible podcast Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah.