CDC Shares Tips For Navigating Daily Life Once The World Reopens And These Don’t Seem To Hard To Follow

cdc guidelines to reopen

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The country is slowly reopening – and some states are quicker to get back to normal than others – even though the country is nowhere close to putting coronavirus in the rearview.

In an effort to keep coronavirus from coming back full force, the CDC released guidelines for Americans on “how to navigate daily life” as states continue to reopen.

“Every activity that involves interacting with others has some degree of risk and we want to provide with you the info and suggestions you need to make decisions about which activities may be able to resume and what level of risk you may have to accept,” explained Jay C. Butler, the CDC’s deputy director of infectious diseases.

The CDC hosted a call with reporters on Friday to announce the guidelines.

“Understanding these risks and how to adopt different prevention measures can help you protect yourselves and others against the virus.”

To help people navigate the new guidelines, Yahoo! Life broke down the suggestions into the most important things to keep in mind when venturing out in the new world.

Tip #1 -Before meeting up with friends, consider the number of people, amount of space and length of time you plan to engage.

An important “rule of thumb,” Butler said, is that the closer you interact with others, the longer the interaction lasts and the higher number of people involved all directly increase the risk of the coronavirus spreading. Other things to consider, the CDC notes, are whether those you’re meeting up with have been practicing social distancing themselves, or whether they’re at higher risk of serious infection.

Tip #2 -Opt for the outdoors at restaurants when possible.

“Indoor spaces are more risky than outdoor spaces where it might be harder to keep people apart and there’s less ventilation,” explains the CDC.

The organization recommends still wearing face masks when not eating or drinking and remaining six feet apart from other customers even when outside.

Tip #3 -Research a business or establishment ahead of time to lower risk.

Even though places like gyms, salons, movie theaters, and libraries are open, they’re still a place for the disease to spread because of the high volume of customers.

“If you hit the gym, don’t share items that can’t be cleaned or sanitized after use, and refrain from high fives or elbow bumps which involve getting closer than six feet to others,” Butler told reporters. “If your local library is open, see if curbside pick up is available. If you want to gather with friends for a cookout, as much as possible use single-serve options and remind guests to wash their hands before and after eating.”

Tip #4 -Consider how quickly COVID-19 is spreading in your community before hosting gatherings.

In other words, don’t put the virus out of your mind. Keep checking the local news each day.

“The level of risk associated with gathering directly correlates with how many new cases are appearing in that region. The CDC recommends checking to see how many cases are appearing in your city or state before deciding whether it’s safe to attend a birthday party, wedding, or even a concert.”

The main advice from the CDC is the same as always: wearing masks, washing hands frequently, carry sanitizer, and practice social distancing.

And above all, just use common sense.

[via Yahoo! Life]


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