Couples Talk About What Actually Goes Down At Swingers Parties

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It’s possible that I might be running in the wrong circles, but I feel like ‘swingers parties’ aren’t something I ever hear about in 2018.

I’m not talking about swing dancing, I’m referring to couples going to parties to hook up with other anonymous couples.

Maybe I’m wrong here, but I feel like ‘swingers‘ culture peaked in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. With a final hurrah in the 90s thanks to late-night HBO and Cinemax TV shows.

There are some well-known swingers clubs in California and New York but the concept of ‘swingers parties’ isn’t something that’s ever come across my desk as an adult. And I sincerely doubt I’m alone here.

The closest brush I’ve ever had with swinging was in NYC.

I was sitting at the bar with my girlfriend at the time when she left to go to the bathroom.

Out of nowhere, the guy sitting with his back to me on the next barstool flips around and tells me he only has moments to share his message before she gets back.

This random ass dude who was wearing doctor’s scrubs (I later found out he’s not a doctor) proceeds to tell me there’s a swinger’s club around the block. He then dives into all of the random rules that apply and I honestly can’t remember anything other than this stranger telling me it’d be important to wear socks.

On the one hand, I could’ve gotten defensive and hostile because this guy was basically trying to tell me that he wanted to have sex with my girlfriend. But I’m not the jealous type. And I was so shocked by a complete stranger appearing out of nowhere and trying to sell me on the world of ‘swingers parties’ that all I could do was nod my head in astonishment.

In this clip from ABC iview, a group of swingers from Australia open up about what really happens at swingers parties in 2018 and it’s pretty fascinating to see these swingers speak so frankly about why they’re drawn to the lifestyle:

This was certainly illuminating (via NYPost):

“I would much rather have sex with a couple that we have talked with over drinks for an hour than be forced into a bedroom with another person,” Sally from Melbourne said.

“That would terrify me because you don’t really have a choice about who you’re going home with or who you’re hooking up with.”

According to the NYPost, “Megan is known as a “unicorn” in the swinging community because of her single status and said that a lot of couples often look to incorporate another woman in their sex lives.She said that many people believe women are forced into the swinging scene by their husbands or boyfriends and that the community is just full of “sleazy, old, fat men.”

“The thing is that can be true sometimes because all types of people like to swing,” Megan said. “(It’s) people wanting to explore their sexuality with each other in a couple situation.” (via NYPost)

If that Twitter video isn’t loading for you for whatever reason then you can access it directly on Twitter by clicking that link. Also, while you’re at it, you can find me on Twitter at @casspa.

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