Creator Of Effin’ Birds Gets Spam Email For Online Conference, Signs Up Just To Wreak Havoc In A+ Twitter Thread

Creator Of Effin Birds Signs Up For Online Conference To Troll Them


Some people are amused by the most unusual of things. Example: Aaron Reynolds, the creator of Effin’ Birds, signed up for a online conference on Sunday just to troll the hell out of them and then shared the whole thing in a hilarious Twitter thread.

The conference, DTC DAY LIVE, calls itself the largest conference for all things direct-to-consumer. The trolling began when Reynolds received a free invite to attend the virtual conference by one of the sponsors of the show. (He didn’t really receive it from a sponsor. It was basically just a scattershot targeted ad that found its way into his inbox.)

“So uh I’m about to see how fast I can get kicked out of a virtual event,” Reynolds wrote to kick off the comical Twitter thread Sunday night.

“I don’t understand half of the words or any of the acronyms in this email,” he continues. “I’m sure some of you do, but please don’t spoil the surprise for me. I’m RSVPing right now.”

“Browsing the list of speakers, it appears that everyone is either a Founder, a CEO, or a Founder AND CEO,” the Effin’ Birds writer notices.

Reynolds first “review” was for the aforementioned Scott.

“I took Scott out on three dates,” Reynolds writes. “His manners were fine but he has decidedly lowbrow tastes and I could not conceive of spending another evening at the Olive Garden.”

He then goes on to write reviews for several other people at the show.

Following that review, Reynolds tweeted, “I’m going to sleep now. We’ll see if I still have posting privileges tomorrow.”

But that didn’t take.

He did finally go to bed, but in the morning Reynolds discovered that he could also review the panels being held at the show.

He also learned that there were video rooms for the conference.

Finally, someone noticed his shenanigans.


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