Dan Crenshaw Gets Last Laugh, Wins Election, Wounded Navy SEAL Slams Pete Davidson For ‘SNL’ Joke

Dan Crenshaw was one of many 2018 midterm election candidates across the country, but Crenshaw was thrust into the national spotlight after Pete Davidson joked about the former Navy SEAL losing an eye while serving the nation overseas. On Tuesday night, Crenshaw would have the last laugh. Dan Crenshaw is now Congressman Dan Crenshaw after winning big on Tuesday night.

Retired Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw defeated his Democratic opponent Todd Litton on Tuesday to win in the Texas 2nd congressional district. Crenshaw seamlessly transitioned to politics from military duty where he earned two Bronze Stars (one with Valor), the Navy Commendation Medal with Valor, and the Purple Heart during his five deployments (two deployments even after he lost an eye from an IED explosion).

Last Saturday, Davidson joked about Crenshaw losing his eye during combat while serving in Afghanistan. During a “Weekend Update” appearance on Saturday Night Live, Davidson said, “You may be surprised to hear he’s a congressional candidate in Texas and not a hitman in a porno movie…. I’m sorry, I know he lost his eye in war, or whatever. Whatever.”

After Crenshaw’s congressional election victory or whatever, the former Navy SEAL zinged Davison for his “comedy.” “SEALs don’t get offended,” Crenshaw said immediately after his victory speech. “That’s just not what we do. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t offensive, but let’s stop demanding apologies and firings of people. Let’s just…demand that comedy actually be funny, but let’s be good people.”

During his victory speech, Crenshaw said, “This election, the next couple of years, and hopefully, the next 50 to 100 years are going to be about understanding what we all believe in together, understanding the foundational values that keep us together and that used to be comedy and sports, let’s separate politics from these things, let’s enjoy life together as Americans, man, that’s what I’d like to get back to.”

Coincidentally, every politician who Davidson slammed on the SNL midterms segment won their respected races — Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo as well as Republican candidates Rick Scott, Peter King, Greg Pence, and Crenshaw.

On Monday, Crenshaw challenged the producers of SNL to make a donation to charities for military veterans. “Pool their money together. Let’s throw a figure out there, $1 million, and we will donate that to a series of veterans nonprofits that helps veterans,” Crenshaw said. “Maybe the Navy SEAL Foundation, maybe Wounded Warriors, maybe Folds of Honor. I was just at their benefit last night. There’s a lot of great organizations out there, a lot of veterans that really need help. And frankly, this kind of thing is offensive to them. They feel laughed at.”

Even fellow SNL cast member Kenan Thompson said Davidson’s joke crossed the line and “definitely missed the mark.”

“My father’s a veteran, Vietnam, and I personally would never necessarily go there, but it’s tough when you’re fishing for jokes,” Thompson said on the Today show. “Like that’s how standups feel like there’s no real filters out there in the world when they’re trying to go for a great joke or whatever and we try to respect that but at the same time, when you miss the mark, you’re offending people so you have to really be a little more aware in my opinion.”