Well Sh*t, It Looks Like Power Couple Danny Amendola And Olivia Culpo Have Broken Up

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I’m typically not one to get invested in the love lives of famous people, but I feel a special camaraderie with Danny Amendola after I chatted with him for an *hour (*six minutes) at a bar in Boston. He was super approachable, engaging, and down to earth. The dude even asked me a question or two about my life, like I’m worth a shit. Kinda caught me off guard.

So although I don’t invest myself in the personal lives of athletes, I do care about the well-being of my friends. Like Danny, or Dan, as his besties call him.

Amendola has been dating 25-year-old Olivia Culpo, former Miss Universe and lifelong Patriots fan, since 2016 and they are just, like, so fucking cute together.


But, according to The SPUN, the two may have called it quits. Amendola appears to have unfollowed Culpo on social media and deleted all photos of her from his Instagram account. Culpo’s social media, on the other hand, appears to be business as usual.


Did Culpo’s allegiance to the Patriots trump her love for Danny, as he got shipped off to Miami? Was Amedola’s 2-year, $12 million deal with the Dolphins not enough cheddar to support her? Could I just text my friend Dan and ask what the deal is? Maybe, maybe not.

I stopped believing in true love when Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne called it quits.

That or when my high school girlfriend cheated on me with Trevor Binghamton.

Yo Dan, if you need anything, give me a call. I’m free literally whenever.

[h/t The SPUN]

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