Elon Musk Personally Intervenes To Help Doja Cat On Twitter After Stupid Name Change

Doja Cat Begs Elon Musk For Help After Getting Stuck With Dumb Name On Twitter

Getty Image / Steven Ferdman

Before Elon Musk took over Twitter and completely gutted the staff and site, changing your name on Twitter was a relatively common thing to do. Verified accounts and regular users could change their names to say ‘Cass Afrass Anderson’ instead of just Cass Anderson.

This was fine for Verified Users with blue checkmarks as long as they didn’t change their actual Twitter @ handles. Rapper Doja Cat found out too late that Elon Musk changed the rules on Twitter. Now verified accounts cannot change their names after verification. Doja Cat discovered this on Twitter after changing her named to ‘Christmas’, a name she was going to be stuck with forever until Elon Musk intervened.

Instead of just dealing with the stupid Twitter rule changes like the rest of us Verified™ users, Doja Cat appealed to Twitter owner/CEO Elon Musk and begged him for help:

Doja Cat Twitter name change fail

Doja Cat / Twitter

Because Elon Musk isn’t busy at all these days, he actually responded to Doja Cat begging him to help with her stupid Twitter name. Elon says he’s working on it. Because again, he has nothing else to do with his time right now other than reply to celebs on Twitter:

Christmas replied, thanking the billionaire for taking time out of his day to change her name from Christmas:

After hours, Elon tweeted back to ‘Christmas’ aka Doja Cat saying she could change her name back. He replied to a tweet of hers below where she had nothing to say other than ‘b–b’.

Doja Cat Twitter name change fail

Twitter / DojaCat

Meanwhile, actor Rainn Wilson from The Office is actively trying to change his name from Rainn Wilson to ‘Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson’, something he can’t do on Twitter because of Elon Musk’s new rules.