Woman Wins $200K On Lottery Scratch-Off, Buys Another Ticket The Next Day ‘For Fun,’ Wins Even Bigger Prize

Lottery Scratch-off winner back to back days


Did you ever browse the lottery section of this website? Most of the stories are downright insane.

People picking winning numbers from movies, buying 160 tickets and winning 160 times, and people finding million-dollar winners while cleaning the house.

Orlene Peterson is now a member of the “insane lottery story” club. The Idaho woman won on two different lottery scratch-off winners and her second win was a total “eh, why not?” moment.

On Jan. 29, Peterson bought a Scratch Game Grand Fortune ticket at a grocery store.

“When I scanned the ticket, it said I had to contact the Idaho Lottery for my winnings,” Peterson told the Idaho Lottery. “That had never happened before when I was playing. I checked it and it was a $200,000 winner. I couldn’t believe it.”

Peterson’s luck wasn’t done yet.

“I had bought some tickets already, then had $20 left over, so I thought what the heck, I’ll get a Grand Fortune ticket,” she told KTVB 7.

She won again and had to scan the ticket once again.

Her second scratch-off card was worth $300K.

Peterson won a total of $500K in two days.

Idaho lottery officials said the odds of winning on both tickets was about 1 in 282.5 million.

[via KTVB 7]