Drake’s $2 Million Solid Gold Air Jordan 10’s Are A Thing Of Beauty

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Hi, my friend. I’m going to assume you’re hard-working individual, a guy who puts in 40 hours a week doing something responsible for a paycheck. I’m sure you take a reasonable amount out of that check to pay for footwear.

How much is your most valuable pair? $100? $150 tops?

Well, multiple that by some 20,000 and that’s how much Drake’s solid gold OVO x Air Jordan 10 sneakers are worth. Created by conceptual artist Matthew Senna, the rock-hard sneaker model is made of 100% pure gold and weighs in at 100 pounds. They are said to be worth upwards of $2 million given the current gold prices.

They are a goddamn thing of beauty.

There were rumors swirling around last month that Drake was considering leaving the Jordan brand for Adidas after immortalized the Jordan Brand sneakers in his “Jumpman” song. Any allure Kayne and Pharell brought over at Adidas was stomped on by this 100-pound solid gold Jordan sneaker.

I guess $2 million golden sneakers ain’t no thang when you’re worth $100 million. Or, maybe someone at Jordan commissioned the sneakers to be made for Drake to guilt him into staying with the brand.

[h/t GQ]