Drake Showed Up To A Miami Supermarket And Dropped $50,000 On Strangers’ Groceries

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If you were to explain to an extraterrestrial the general themes featured in hip hop songs, you’d probably say: cars, girls, bling, and various other forms of fiscal irresponsibility. I’ve never heard DMX bark about putting a troubled youth through college or investing in his city’s infrastructure.

But, as the old saying goes, ‘actions speak louder than rap lyrics,’ and by that metric Drake is on top of the game.

Drake, who earned an industry runner-up $94 million last year, is on a giving spree for his upcoming music video ‘God’s Plan.’ On Monday, the Canadian rapper gave Miami Senior High School a $25,000 donation and OVO-designed uniforms. He then gave University of Miami student Destiny James with a $50,000 check towards her tuition.

And on Tuesday, Drake stopped by Sabor Tropical Supermarket in Miami Beach to treat everyone in the store to free groceries.

According to Entertainment News, Drizzy entered the supermarket at 4 pm with a megaphone and said that he’d be paying for everyones groceries. He was even encouraging people to buy more.

Drake reportedly dropped $50,000 on the shopping spree and over $125,000 in altruistic deeds this week alone.

I guess I can get into what the kids are listening to nowadays if it’s this stand up gentleman.

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