Drone Footage Captures Large Tiger Shark Swimming Just Feet Away From Unsuspecting Beachgoers

tiger shark close up

iStockphoto / Howard Chen

A drone captured footage of a large tiger shark swimming eerily close to unsuspecting beachgoers and swimmers at a beach near Perth in Western Australia.

Sharks typically pose no threat to humans. The global population is 8,000,000,000 and in 2021 there were only 13 fatalities from 57 unprovoked attacks. The odds of an attack are virtually nonexistent.

It is important to always exercise caution when in swimming in the ocean because you might be in the presence of sharks and not even realize it like the swimmers in this video below.

That video was filmed on Hillaryโ€™s Dog Beach beach near Perth in Western Australia on December 28, according to FoxNews.com.

The drone filming above captures the large tiger shark swimming within just a few feet of multiple swimmers. Later in the clip, we see a kayaker paddling swiftly over the shark.

The green water has great visibility so it is a bit remarkable that none of the swimmers seem aware that the large shark is swimming so close to them. One of the swimmers seems to actually be focused on the drone flying overhead which might have distracted them from the large shark just a few feet away.

Concern about an unprovoked tiger shark attack

Sam Wood of the @Wanderlust_Flyer Instagram account was responsible for filming the footage. He would later tell Australia 7 News that he was concerned of an unprovoked shark attack given how close the large tiger shark was coming to the swimmers.

While most of the United States is feeling the brunt of Winter there are perfect beach conditions in Perth, Australia. The daily temperatures range from the mid-60s up to 100-degrees Fahrenheit.

With packed beaches full of people escaping the heat it raises the chances of shark encounters but as stated above, attacks are extremely rare worldwide.

The United States actually leads the world in unprovoked shark attacks with 47 in 2021. Australia only accounted for 12 unprovoked shark attacks in 2021 which was below their 5-year average of 16/year.

Florida leads all states in the USA. It accounted for 28 unprovoked shark attacks in 2021 but 0 fatalities. Hawaii was second with 6 followed by South Carolina with 4 and California with 3.

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Western Australia is a galeophobicโ€™s worst nightmare. Case in point:

The โ€˜Nervous Sharkโ€™ is a species of requiem shark, a family of sharks that includes Bull Sharks, Tigers, Spinners, Blacktips, Reefs, and other common shark species. The Nervous Shark is found in shallow waters off Australia, the Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea. They max out at around 4.5 feet long.

I tried to count how many Nervous Sharks were in that video but lost count quickly. There are probably hundreds of them in that massive school.