Missing Durr Burger From ‘Fortnite’ Pops Up In The Real World, Could It Mean A New Map?

by 1 year ago

The recent rocket launch in Fortnite left a giant crack in the sky of the Battle Royale map. Rifts have opened up across the sky and one of the portals popped up over Greasy Grove on July 5th and swallowed up the Durr Burger sign.

Nobody knew where the anthropomorphic burger with a comically large tongue disappeared to until someone “just so happened to stumble upon” the sign in the real world. Photographer Sela Shiloni found the Durr Burger IRL in a desert in California.

Shiloni provided a video to prove that the Durr Burger was real and not photoshopped.

There was also a tent and a police car in the immediate area.

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