If You Want To Appear Rich To Other People Just Buy An iPhone Says Economic Research Paper

by 7 months ago

There are a number of ways to appear like you are rich. You could rent an expensive sports car. Buy a fake Rolex. Or you could buy a monocle and dress up like the Monopoly Man. But according to a new study, the best way to appear rich to other people is to own an iPhone.

Sure there are many people who are 42-years-old living in their parents’ basement and have zero money saved, yet own a shiny new iPhone. But a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that the best product that indicates that they are “high-income” is the Apple iPhone. The paper titled “Coming Apart? Cultural Distances In The United States Over Time,” noted that owning an iPhone was 69.1% predictive of being rich. Apparently, it doesn’t even have to be a brand-new iPhone X.

According to University of Chicago economists Marianne Bertrand and Emir Kamenica, the second best item that indicated wealth was an Apple iPad. If you have both an iPhone and iPad, you’re basically as prosperous as Mark Zuckerberg. Sorry Android people, you’re essentially destitute vagrants according to the paper.

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