Someone Started A GoFundMe For Billionaire Elon Musk To Buy Him A New Couch After Seeing Where He Sleeps

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Elon Musk–quite possibly the world’s richest rocket scientist and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX–has a net worth of $20.1 billion. The 46-year-old went from paying his rent at his University of Pennsylvania off-campus house by charging students $5 a head to party to buying five mansions in the lavish southern-California neighborhood of Bel Air.

If Musk wanted to, he has the means to sleep every night anywhere he pleases. Even with your mother. Instead, the real life Tony Stark typically sleeps on a couch in a conference room at his Fremont, California, Tesla factory as his company has struggled to meet production targets for its lower-priced Model 3 car.

In an interview with “CBS This Morning, Musk revealed the uncomfortable-looking couch he sleeps on and soon thereafter a California man named Ben Sullins started the GoFundMe campaign titled “Buy Elon Musk a Couch.” The goal set: $1,000.


“As a community, we cannot let this stand. Let’s band together to buy Elon a new couch to sleep on!” the campaign reads.

The campaign also lays out the plan to deliver the couch to Elon:

1 – Contact him via twitter
2 – If he replies with “yes” I’ll reach out to Tesla directly
3 – We collectively vote on which couch to order, will setup a poll here or elsewhere if that’s not possible
4 – I’ll order the couch and ship to them
5 – If allowed I’ll fly up there to hand deliver and film the experience

At the time of me writing this (Tuesday at 1 pm), the campaign has garnered over 150 donations and eclipsed it’s goal, raking in $2,055 and counting. There are a number of $100 donations to the multi-billionaire.

The silver lining is that if Elon doesn’t accept the couch after 3 days, the money will go to a charity that will be voted on.

All’s well that ends well I guess?


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