Person Publicly Fired By Elon Musk Absolutely Drags Him On Twitter After Musk Tried To Bully Him

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Getty Image / Jonathan Raa / NurPhoto

After a tumultuous day on Twitter where the service became unusable for over an hour globally, Twitter CEO/owner Elon Musk found himself embroiled in a new Twitter controversy.

A (now) former Twitter employee, Haraldur Þorleifsson who goes by Halli, tweeted publicly to Elon Musk to determine if he was still a Twitter employee. He told Musk that his work computer access had been cut ‘9 days ago’ but that Twitter’s HR would not confirm or deny if he was/wasn’t a Twitter employee.

In a brazen move, Elon Musk appeared to wave confidentiality on Twitter and ask the employee what work they’d been doing. Screenshots of that entire exchange immediately went viral:

The person-to-person interaction culminated with Elon Musk sharing a video of ‘The Bobs’ from Office Space. In replying to the screenshots above, Elon Musk publicly disclosed the disability of the former employee.

Elon Musk is the Twitter CEO and owner. He is the wealthiest person on planet earth. Surely this is a one-sided argument when the distribution of power is so uneven, right? Wrong.

Halli, the former Twitter employee, responded with a scathing thread that lit up Elon Musk. Did I mention that Halli also ‘swept the Person of the Year Awards‘ in Iceland and is considered one of the nicest, most philanthropic people in his entire country?

Here is Halli’s Twitter thread in response to Elon Musk publicly disclosing his disability after bullying him with the Office Space video and replies elsewhere:

UPDATE: Elon Musk has since responded

Elon Musk responded to the thread, saying:

“He has a prominent, active Twitter account and is wealthy. The reason he confronted me in public was to get a big payout.

From what I’ve been told, he’s done almost no work for the past four months, middle-management or otherwise.

Despite his claims on Twitter that he did work, it turns out he told HR that he couldn’t work because he couldn’t type, but was, over the same period, typing up a storm on Twitter.

Yet there are many people on Twitter defending him. This hurts my faith in humanity.”

It remains to be seen where things go from here. Halli is claiming Elon Musk’s Twitter owes him wages still.

Employment lawyers on Twitter are champing at the bit after seeing Elon’s initial replies…

On one side, we have a former employee who claims he was exhaustively trying to communicate with their manager at Twitter to ensure they were fulfilling any and all responsibilities. Who claims he was then booted from their work computer and couldn’t get a response from HR for 9+ days until Twitter CEO Elon Musk responded and publicly disclosed the person’s disability and said it had prevented the employee from doing work.

On the other side, you have Elon Musk who simply could’ve not responded at all to the employee and instead flagged it to HR. But it was a rough day for Elon Musk who saw Twitter crash because of a single engineer’s decision.