Guy Notices Eminem Never Smiles, Now The Rapper Has Never Looked Happier After Amusing Photoshops Go Viral

Eminem rarely ever smiles. Whether he is playing his part as a super serious rapper or just not the kind of person who enjoys smiling is another question. One guy noticed the lack of smiling sunshine coming from the Kamakazi rapper and decided to make Eminem into a shiny happy person with the help of some proficient photoshopping skills.

Mike Brown took the grouchy rap god and transformed him into a sublime smiling Slim Shady. Brown posted the smiling Eminem photoshop pics on his personal Facebook for all to enjoy. Now Eminem looks like a person who got an extra McNugget in their four-piece.

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But Brown just doesn’t take Eminem to happy land, he also alters former sad sacks such as the members of N.W.A. and Nirvana.

Brown gave an interview to Bored Panda and explained why he wants the world and especially Eminem to show those pearly whites with a big ole smile:

I’ve always manipulated faces, it’s just funny to me. I always look for new manipulations, and ways to go about it. I came across a plugin that allows photoshop to scour the web for close matches.

Although I had some success, the results took too long to ‘get right,’ so I kept trying and trying different ways. I ended up buying an app on Google Play that did just the trick, in such a faster time frame.

So I do a first edit in Photoshop, then I run it through the Facetime app, apply a few filters to make the image seem real, and it’s done!

I chose Eminem because that guy never smiles! And me and my wife were laughing at the one I did initially. So I posted it by itself at first, and my sister wanted a few more because it looked so good. The rest I can’t explain, I woke up and there were like 32,000 shares.

Who knows, maybe Marshall Mathers will take a liking to the grin and bust it out more often without photo edits.

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