Enjoy This Gorilla Glue Sketch From Comedian Brian Higginbottom

Shane Gillis posted this sketch from comedian Brian Higginbottom the other day, and I loved it. Let it be known that Brian made this prior to Gorilla Glue lady’s hair fiasco. Might even call him a visionary. Might even say she stole the idea from him. Hey Gorilla Glue lady, if you’re reading this—for shame. Write your own jokes.

Otherwise, I absolutely laughed like a childish bitch throughout this sketch. It’s simple, bare-bones, filmed on an iPhone probably. But that’s all you need. Like watching old clips of Taylor Swift performing at Nashville bars with an acoustic guitar. Funny shines through.

That opening line of “I don’t mean to be rude, or offend you in any way, but you’re like the worst fucking person I’ve ever met in my life.” Fantastic. That said, think about gorilla glue-ing your eyes shut. Is there… hope? Anything to be done for that? I think that’s an immediate trip to blindtown. Nothing the doctors can do, science isn’t there yet, come back in 20 years and we may have better treatments in place. Until then, start honing your nose. You’re going to need it.

Brian is a comic based out of Boston. You can check out more of his work here and here.