Ethan Hawke Pulls A Keanu Reeves, Gives Remarkably Thoughtful Answer When Asked ‘What Happens When We Die?’

Ethan Hawke On 'What Happens When We Die?' (VIDEO)


A few years back, a clip of Keanu Reeves explaining what he thinks happens after we die on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert went massively viral due to the clarity of Reeves’ response.

Apparently believing that fellow actor Ethan Hawke had the capacity to deliver an equally inspiring answer, Colbert dusted off the question when he was interviewing the actor on Tuesday night, and Hawke delivered a soliloquy that was just as inspiring as Reeves’, if not more so.

Ethan Hawke delivered an incredibly thought response when Stephen Colbert asked him what he thinks happens when we die

“You ready?” Hawke sly asked before he began, clearly aware that he was about to drop a bomb on both Colbert and the audience.

“I don’t think we die. I don’t think we have an understanding of the divine concept of time. I don’t think we’re any more capable of understanding a clock than a dog is. And I think something much bigger is going on than we’re aware of in our day-to-day routines. I don’t think I have the intelligence, or the DNA makeup to answer that question.”

This certainly isn’t the first time that Hawke has blown movie fans away with his depth of thought, as we brought you a story last year that featured the beloved actor waxing lyrical about the power of art.

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