Scientists Think That Rowdy Fish Orgies In Mexico Can Cause Dolphins To Go Deaf

surprised fish

Shutterstock / C N Elliott

‘Scientists thing fish orgies in Mexico can cause dolphins to go deaf’ is not a news story I expected to come across in 2017 but here we are. A recent study published about the mating habits of the spawning Gulf Corvina in Mexico indicates that scientists believe the mating signals of these fish is so loud and deafening that it can actually cause dolphins in Mexico to go deaf.

The sound is said to be akin to a high-pitched machine gun. This actually has me wondering why these fish haven’t developed this mating-call as a year-round defense mechanism. If they were to emit this sound on the regular it’d drive the dolphins away, wouldn’t it? Anyway, I digress. Naturally, you can’t just put something like ‘rowdy fish orgies cause dolphins to go deaf’ on the Internet and not expect everyone to explode with jokes.

So many people had jokes about the deafening fish orgies in Mexico that it received its very own Twitter Moments last night. You can read all about the published study over on the UK’s Guardian but don’t go anywhere before checking out Twitter’s reactions to the deafening fish orgies.

Am I the only one that’s more than little a bit pissed off that Mexico’s fish are having louder orgies than our fish here in ‘Merica? Is it really so wrong of me to think that our fish should be trying harder and not playing second fiddle to some Gulf Corvina’s raucous orgies in Mexico? Smdh…

Corvina is an extremely popular fish at restaurants from So-Cal to Panama. It’s a fish that many biologists believe is being overfished to extinction. Maybe when the word gets out that these are the badass fish having the extremely loud orgies hopefully the fishermen will lay off a little bit and let these fish do their thang. For what it’s worth, I’m not a huge fan of Corvina and I left it off of my ‘25 Best Tasting Fish in the World‘ rankings.