Johnny Knoxville Breaks Rib And Wrist In One Of Five Maniacal ‘Jackass’ First Look Photos

Theo Wargo/WireImage

If the adage ‘any publicity is good publicity’ is true, the new Jackass movie should make a billion dollars.

The ugly Bam Margera saga has flooded media publications and has shone a brighter spotlight on the fourth installment of the franchise than its three predecessors.

Now that the stink from the Bam dilemma has begun to subside and a three-year restraining order was granted, the world can now focus on what Paramount just announced will be titled Jackass Forever, hitting theaters on October 22.

In conjunction with the title announcement, the Jackass gang will be releasing a video trailer on Tuesday, July 20th.

In the meantime, enjoy the five outrageous action shots Paramount teased the public with today.

When you mess with the bull, you not only get the horns but a concussion, a broken wrist, and a broken rib too. @JohnnyKnoxville is indeed the magic man. #JackassForever

What happens when you fly too close to the sun? I don’t know, but it basically amounts to a giant enema for @JohnnyKnoxville#JackassForever

Two men, one tarantula. Place your bets now for @DangerEhren or @Blaccapone23#JackassForever

What do you do when your wildest dreams surpass your questionable intellect? Easy, you bring in a pyrotechnical expert like @ToryBelleci#JackassForever

Mime’s the word, but @poopiesgram really is something extra special. #JackassForever

Will watch. Extremely THC-infused.


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