Flight Attendant On TikTok Shares 3 ‘Life-Changing’ Tips Related To Your Luggage

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One of the more popular topics on TikTok, due to it usually being such a pain, is flying. There are numerous popular TikTok accounts run by people in the travel industry, especially current and former flight attendants, who share their insider tips on flying.

The fact that there is such a need for these tips and how popular they are is a pretty clear indication of how far the airline industry has to go when it comes to customer service, but that’s a discussion for another day.

One of the more popular flight attendant TikTok accounts is run by a woman named Kat Kamalani.

Kamalani shares all sorts of advice on TikTok for flying that only a flight attendant would know, including some of the things that gross them out the most.


dont do this when traveling friends 😳

♬ original sound – Kat Kamalani

She has also shared the top five things she does now when flying thanks to her experience as a flight attendant.


I will never travel the same again✈️

♬ original sound – Kat Kamalani

Her biggest contribution when it comes to flying tips, however, might be the three “life-changing” tips she gave in a TikTok video about putting your luggage into the overhead compartment on a plane.

@katkamalani #stitch with @kaylakayla.1999 that’s facts!!! #travel #tips #askontiktok #CustomersMostLoved ♬ original sound – Kat Kamalani

While those tips might not exactly be “life-changing,” if every airline passenger knew about them we wouldn’t have so many logjams in the aisles with people struggling with their luggage, which sure would be nice.

Other flying tips we have seen from flight attendants over the past few years on TikTok include germ hotspots on a plane, why you should never drink tea or coffee on a plane, why some planes still have ashtrays, why flight attendants greet you when you board a plane, and why you should never rest your head on a plane’s window.

Good luck out there.

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