Florence Pugh Embraces Her Inner Guy Fieri After Showing Off New Haircut

Florence Pugh over flame background

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One of my favorite things about the man, myth, and legend who is Guy Fieri is the fact that he never really intended to be defined by some of the attributes that contribute to the signature look he’s known for.

For example, the flame-covered bowling shirt that’s essentially a must-have for anyone cosplaying as The Mayor of Flavortown was picked out for him by someone in the wardrobe department at Food Network, and his spiked bleached locks were actually the end result of his decision to tell his hairdresser to do whatever she wanted to.

However, it appears Florence Pugh knew exactly what she wanted the last time she headed to a salon.

Pugh burst onto the scene in 2019 thanks to starring roles in Midsommar and Little Women, and while her work on Don’t Worry Darling was overshadowed by a tsunami of drama stemming from her rumored feud with Olivia Wilde, she recently bounced back in a big way with a supporting role in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

Earlier this year, the actress decided to get a buzz cut prior to showing off her new look at the Met Gala (which she said she did in an attempt to take “vanity out of the picture”), and she’s been having a little bit of fun as it’s continued to grow out.

Pugh recently decided to bleach her hair before hopping on her Instagram Story to introduce the world to The Mayor of Flovertown, which is the moniker she’s unofficially adopted after realizing its hard to ignore just how much she and Fieri currently have in common in the hair department.

How funkalicious.

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