Seeing This Colossal Alligator On A Florida Golf Course Is Like A Trip To Jurassic Park

Welcome to Jurassic Park. Ok, well we might not actually have an actual dinosaur theme park, but we do have this Florida golf course with a ginormous alligator and hopefully, that is as close as we come to seeing dinosaurs 8 feet from us. We’ve seen our share of gargantuan alligators throughout the years, but…BEHOLD – this absolute unit out of Florida.

We take you to the Valencia Golf Course in Naples, Florida, where this reptilian beast probably ate six retired Citibank executives before lunch. Tyler Stolting, a golf professional at the club, captured the enormity of the creature. This isn’t fake.

Slowly takes off hat and sunglasses. Florida is the Australia of America.

INK News meteorologist, Matt Devitt, shared images of the brute alligator. Imagine how much money you could make in Red Dead Redemption 2 off this gator?

The footage of the monster alligator came just as Hurricane Eta slammed into the Gulf Coast of Florida…because of course.