Slippery Florida Woman Escapes Handcuffs, Climbs Into Front Seat, Drives Off In Cop Car

Alachua County Sheriff's Office

Week after week it seems like Florida Man is getting into some kind of trouble for his misbehavior, so it’s about damn time Florida Woman gets herself a little attention.

Today’s Florida Woman is Mary Liane Fritz, 30, who was arrested by High Springs police on charges of stalking.

According to an arrest report obtained by, Fritz followed a woman who claimed she was being stalked to the High Springs Police Station on Monday afternoon.

For some reason, despite already being at the police station, officers handcuffed Fritz’s hands behind her back and placed her in the back seat of a patrol car… alone. Big mistake.

The arrest report states Fritz then somehow got out of her cuffs, climbed through the partition in the vehicle to the front seat, STARTED THE CAR (WHY WERE THE KEYS IN THE CAR?), and drove off!

This woman is…

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Sadly, her getaway turned out to be short-lived.

Police used GPS tracking to follow the police car after Fritz rammed it into the automatic gate at the station and left Alachua County, the report said.

High Springs police officers pursued Fritz, and Alachua County sheriff’s deputies monitored Fritz from a helicopter. She eventually entered Alachua County again and was stopped at the 4100 block of Northwest 93rd Avenue.

High Springs police charged Fritz with grand theft of a vehicle, stalking and criminal mischief and with probation violation for making violent contact with the woman.

The Alachua County Sheriff’s Office also charged Fritz with fleeing police and resisting an officer.

Fritz ended up being booked at the Alachua County jail (ah, that’s where they were going to take her), where she remained, at least as of Tuesday, with a bond of $95,000.

No video of Fritz’s magical escape is available yet, but there’s a pretty good bet it looked a little something like this…

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